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Date : 21-10-2016
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His Majesty Year 2559 the people of Thailand. On the occasio


His Majesty Year 2559 the people of Thailand. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year agenda. With that blessing bestowed "To have a healthy body. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging Knowingly and consciously always ". A. C. The. King of King. On the occasion of the New Year, the year 2559 is half Castors him. Vintage clothes inside The white outer robe Copper embroidered illusion His pet dog Center-West. C. A. A blessing bestowed that. "To have a healthy body. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging Knowingly and consciously always ". On top of. C. A. A message. "Happy New Year 2559" printed in purple letters. Branded Great Crown and gold casket decorated. Below are images of the zodiac Monkey Monkey blue text Thailand. Printed in green letters, "Please be happy and prosperous" and English text. Printed with yellow letters saying "Happy New Year". Gain is below the blue bar at the lower left labeled "cook K.s. 9 Dec 2558 311 502," right corner that says "Crab Bay Mithila University in 2558". Frame of. C. A. Royal titles. A small faces arranged in two rows on each side, each face a total of 396 pages but smile.

ISS-Expedition 12

Click here to listen HS2WAQ in QSO NA1SS Commander Mr. "Bill" McArthur KC5ACR Question Space walk 3/2/2006 2023 UTC

Thanks you PD0RKC , N5VHO , WB9IIV To Every Station support. and helpful !!!

Click here to listen HS9EQY,E20KEW QSO NA1SS Commander Mr. "Bill" McArthur KC5ACR And E20KEW Question To Bill Receive Signal SUITSAT 5/2/2006 0234 UTC

Click here to listen HS4POV QSO NA1SS Commander Mr. "Bill" McArthur KC5ACR And Very Good Question 8/1/2006,1557UTC,

ISS-Expedition 11

.After that I tried over the years to see it. Bangkok. That can interact with. Space station in the nation. Also called Inter National Space Station or NA1SS RS0ISS in digital mode in. Packet radio. To contact you successfully conquered. By contact on 4-7-2005 2150 UTC is very excited to be able to leave a Message on a space station in the nation. I have successfully conquered. And we have to endure the difficulty of communication. Space station in the country, which is not easy to be a space station in the heart of Bangkok. Just ... why. I get so many obstacles such as the Location in which we live and the frequency that you have to use the radio frequency used. Communicate with space stations in the National Post!!! QSL CARD which you see here. The digital communication mode router APRS Via RS0ISS-3 * Amateur Radio data digipeated by the International Space Station and sent to one or more contacts, in the form BBS Message me and made me. More so because I have friends who Holland! PD0RKC call sign is congratulated by emailing PD0RKC after watching me play it all day ..... and still PD0RKC message to be placed on a space station in the nation. Again, I have to read it ...

This is the latest and one of the QSL CARD RN3DK (QSL mgr) RUSSIA RS0ISS.
Of Russia, it is beautiful.

(The 27 August 2548 1318 UTC) is the day I have to communicate. Amateur radio ... with Russian astronauts on the International Space Station. To wish birthday to astronaut Commander Sergei Krikalov signal called U5MIR successfully with speech just before they call astronauts me and HS0NNU testing program SSTV are not to wait SuitSat be installed on. Space station in the nation. And floating in space, and to send his Spirit to come to the radio all over the world have been from SuitSat this project SuitSat project is to set the space is unused and decommissioned and adapted devices. and radio to radio signals down to earth by the SSTV (Slow Scan TV) Satellite SuitSat expected to be installed on the International Space Station. In December, 2005, and HS0NNU I tried to get off the ground until it is successful ..! After the experiment is completed ... 30 minutes left on the space station in the nation. The orbit through our country ... I HS0NNU that today is birthday of Commander Sergei Krikalev U5MIR we try to call and compliment each other. The Channel Regions 2 & 3 2m uplink ... 144.490 MHz FM and Worldwide downlink (All modes) ... 145.800 MHz FM case well Krikalev listen to these greetings .. astronaut Sergei Krikalev U5MIR will come down on us. Any time ... and space station in orbit around the nation. Join to view up to 18 degrees today, so I try to call up from the 10 degrees on the keyboard for the first time I called RS0ISS This is HS2WAQ over repeated calls to three times that the key to the fourth, I was called. Sergei Krikalov This is HS2WAQ Happy birthday Sergei on Inter National Space Station over the next two to three times while I was there U5MIR Sergei Reply from space stations in the country, so I rushed to send birthday greetings. Russian cosmonaut Again happy birthday Sergei on Inter National Space Station over ... and it's called HS0NNU U5MIR from me, but unfortunately, no U5MIR Sergei down, possibly because Space station in the nation. I close out of Thailand ..! Prior to contact with me. Astronauts have successfully entered the ISS FANCLUB website for information on a daily basis and I have a radio amateur from Holland sent a mail to tell me that on the 27th of August, 2548. The birthday of Commander Sergei Krikalev U5MIR the space station in around the International Space Station through the country your designate Commander Sergei Krikalov U5MIR to wish birthday happy birthday Sergei short delivery withholds radio from the ground up. to the station in the state and the Commander Sergei Krikalov who will listen that the birthday greeting. To him from the earth, and there are radio amateurs around the world to wish happy birthday to the space station in the state and be listed as follows.

N5VHO ,Kenneth(USA.) 9K2MD, Maryam (Kuwait) 9W2QC, Sion (Malasiya) HS2WAQ, Nattapol (Thailand) HK6PIJ, Faber (Colombia) LU7WW, Pedro (Argentina) PY2CDS, Giocondo (Brazil) PY3AK, PY3OL, Alan (Brazil) PY4MAB, Mauricio (Brazil) PY5RX and Fabiano''s second contact, Fabiano (Brazil) WP3OD, XQ7UP,VK5ZAI IK1SLD, Claudio (Italy)

And PD0RKC Cor has compiled a file of all amateur radio. The contact with Sergei Krikalov U5MIR friends can listen to the website PD0RKC and 9K2MD, Maryam me directly.


http://pd0rkc.ontwikkel.nl/ Email PD0RKC then he came and told me that he and Kenneth N5VHO a concept that features a sound file and picture amateur radio station. To make contact with the Commander Sergei Krikalov U5MIR the occasion of birthday wishes happy birthday in this time for me and I deliver a station that is used to communicate the information sent by Sergie Krikalov! Most of PD0RKC Cor prepared VCD format is a picture of each station has a voice and the message sent to Sergie Krikalov U5MIR and delivery of (Kenneth works for NASA) N5VHO who worked at NASA for that. VCD is set to deliver a gift to Sergei Krikalov down to earth as soon as it ...

27/8/2005 , 13:18 UTC I made voice contact with U5MIR Sergei Krikalev I''am say happy birthday U5MIR Sergei Krikalev on normal voice uplink and Krikalev turn on voice listen and they talked to me for a short time over BANGKOK,THAILAND happy birthday Sergey FROM HS2WAQ I have great recollections of talking to him Thanks again for the contacts 73''d HS2WAQ

Thanks you very much Kenneth N5VHO and cor PD0RKC came with the good idea for make the CD are audio recordings ( from the birthday event) , pictures and comments. i Thanks you have been most helpful to me for every thing information message on http://www.issfanclub.com 73, NATTAPOL HS2WAQ

Sergey Happy Birthday CD has been lift off!

"Hello All, First I want to thank all people who have cooperated on the Happy Birthday Sergey CD! The happy birthday Sergey event was at 27-august-2005, Sergey was active that day to thank the amateurs for the congratulations. I have posted the CD today to Kenneth (N5VHO) and he will do every attempt to give it to Sergey when Sergey comes back on earth. I have designed a nice CD with covers! I''ve added the ISSFANCLUB logo and ISSFANCLUB URL on the CD, so I hope Sergey gives (and visit) a comment in the ISSFANCLUB! Inside the CD are audio recordings (from the birthday event), pictures and comments. At this link you can see the covers: CD Cover You can not see the pictures, and comments of the operators cause I want to keep the personal comments (and pics) private.


Click here to listen HS2WAQ to the QSO!send birthday greetings to Commander Sergei Krikalev U5MIR on International Space Station


Certificate , Suitsat-1 /Radioskaf-1/AO-54

this be , certificate , Suitsat-1 /Radioskaf-1/AO-54 , at I can take the back , get from the space , at the astronaut , Commander Bill McArthur , and , Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev , get liberate astronaut group , drift , world north , and send the back gets down

7/2/2006 04:32 UTC I''am can received SUITSAT signal girl student American voice message pass BANGKOK THAILAND the signal gradually faded away

+Click here to listen SUITSAT received by HS2WAQ 7/2/2006 11:32 loc. 04:32 UTC

THIS IS SUITSAT-1 RS0RS!! Frank H. Bauer; KA3HDO Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) International Chairman AMSAT Vice President for Human Spaceflight Programs NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Nuke Resources

These words will echo from space in the near future, inspiring students, exciting ham radio operators and touching the world. Figure 1 - Russian Orlan Suit If all goes as planned, a unique Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA)or Spacewalk will be conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) in early February 2006. During this spacewalk, the ISS crew will push a Russian spacesuit overboard---with no humans in it, of course! But this Spacesuit holds the hopes, dreams and creativity of students around the world. And for a week or two, this Suit-robot-satellite will take on a life of its own---parroting students voices from around the world, voicing down suit health telemetry and sending a special commemorative picture to all who want to receive it. Suitsat-1 (also called Radioskaf or Radio Sputnik in Russian) mission activities will be conducted on the amateur radio (ham radio) frequencies, a bit above the FM broadcast band. The voice signals can be picked up with ham radio receivers and FM VHF (Very High Frequency) scannerslike police-band scanners. Students, scouts, teachers, ham radio operators, and the general public are encouraged to track the space suit, hear the conversations from space, copy the suit telemetry and capture the picture. A special certificate will be distributed to those who receive the voice signals and those who capture the picture. We also will have a special award for those students who receive the special words that are embedded in the messages from our SuitSat student crew members. These special words are in different languages---English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. So you are encouraged to record the SuitSat downlink audio and get help from fellow students who know these languages. Also included in this spacesuit is a computer Compact Disk (CD) with images of over 300 items collected from schools and educational organizations around the world. These include creative works of art from students as well as student signatures, school or scout logos, and class or group pictures. Students, schools and educational organizations that participated in the development of this disk earlier this year will all be part of the SuitSat spacewalk---as their creative works, signatures and pictures all float in space! The following will provide more details on the Suitsat-1 mission and provide you information on how you and your school can participate.

Nuke Resources

The Suit and On-Board Equipment Figure 2 - SuitSat Antenna and Interface Control Box Figure 3 - Crew Interface Control Box Figure 4 - SuitSat Interface Control, Transmitter and Digitalker/Micro Controller Figure 5 - Kenwood TH-K2 Transceiver Through the miracle of ham radio, the ingenuity of the international space agencies, the help of students and schools, and the tireless work of a few volunteer rocket scientists Suitsat-1 was born. SuitSat is sponsored by ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station), an international working group consisting of volunteers from national amateur radio societies (the American Radio Relay League in the U.S.) and the internationally-based Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT). The idea for SuitSat was first conceived by the ARISS-Russia team, led by Sergey Samburov, RV3DR, and was extensively discussed at the joint AMSAT Symposium/ARISS International Partner meeting in October 2004. The project, is being led by project manager A. P. Alexandrov and Deputy Project Manager A. Poleshuk from RSC Energia, located in Korolev (Moscow area) Russia. The project was developed primarily by a joint US/Russian team. On the US side, the hardware project development was led by AMSAT member Lou McFadin, W5DID. Embedded in the Russian Orlon Space Suit (Figure 1) are two boxes housing the ham radio transmitter and the micro-controller and electronics that stores and plays back the digital voice and video recordings. Also inside the spacesuit will be some batteries to power the system and the School Spacewalk CD. On the outside of the spacesuit is the SuitSat antenna and the crew interface control box---the crew interface device that turns the SuitSat power on. See figures 2 to 3. Prior to the spacewalk, the ISS crew connects cables to the two internal boxes (the Kenwood transmitter box and the micro-controller electronics box), figure 4, and stores these two boxes in a fabric container that is housed inside the space suit (see figure 6). Next, they mount the antenna and the interface control box to the exterior of the suit helmet as shown in figure 2. Next, the batteries, interface control box and antennas are all connected to the two internal boxes with special connecting cables. The SuitSat is then ready for deployment. Once the crew is outside on their EVA, they turn all three switches on the control box to the ON position and deploy the spacesuit from ISS. Their objective is to put Suitsat in a retrograde orbit so it de-orbits relative to ISS. This orbit will appear from the ground to be ahead of the ISS, while it is actually slowing down and is below ISS.

Nuke Resources

SuitSat-1 Transmission Specifics All transmissions will be on 145.990 MHz FM. This is in the VHF (2 meter) portion of the amateur radio band. It can easily be picked up with a simple VHF hand-talkie ham radio, although ground-based antennas with higher gain are preferred to hear SuitSat for the entire 10 minute pass. SuitSat audio can also be received using a police band scanner. An external antenna is highly encouraged. SuitSat will be transmitting 0.5 watts into the same type of antenna currently used on the ISS ham radio station. Additional Downlink Frequency and Information for Ham Radio Operators Since SuitSat will be operating on the ISS world wide packet uplink frequency of 145.99 MHz, it is requested that all packet operations on that frequency be suspended for the duration of the SuitSat transmissions. Keeping transmissions off the downlink frequency will help to avoid local interference to the 1/2 watt downlink signal from SuitSat. The ISS crossband repeater is under consideration for being temporarily reconfigured to listen for the SuitSat transmissions and then retransmit them on 437.80 MHz. It is hoped that persons with minimal equipment might have a better chance of hearing the SuitSat retransmissions from the crossband repeater since ISS has a power output of 10 watts. Please help us to avoid interference problems by not using the crossband repeater while SuitSat is active because anything else the repeater hears on 145.99 MHz will interfere with the SuitSat retransmissions. AMSAT Video News features Frank, KA3HDO, in a SuitSat presentation. See: http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/information/videoNews.php ARISS is an international educational outreach with US participation by ARRL, AMSAT and NASA. [Thanks to JoAnne Maenpaa WB9JEJ and Emily Clarke W0EEC. SuitSat photographs by Steve Bible N7HPR and used by permission. EVA Photograph courtesy of NASA.]

Also see the article "This Is SuitSat-1 RS0RS" by Frank Bauer,KA3HDO at:



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